Enzymes-new product of Biteco

Biteco Biogas offers a new product - enzymes. Industrial tests started from Thailand, namely, from the recently commissioned plant in Ubon Ratchathani. Enzymes are protein molecules or RNA molecules (ribozymes) and their complexes, accelerating (catalyzing) the chemical reactions in living systems. Our product also contains concentrated bacterial cultures, which allows to simplify new biogas plants commission and to rehabilitate problematic plants. Simply enzymes are natural proteins accelerating decomposition of organic substances. Their use promises to increase the biogas yield from 20 to 40 % without changing design of biogas plant, preventing the formation of a cork on biomass surface in digesters, increase thermal conductivity of substrate and saving the heat energy for its preheating, simplification of operator work owing to stabilization of process, increase methane content in biogas. Using enzymes maximum amount of biogas in digester is extracting without need for post-fermentation phase. More than 4 years in enzymes are being used in Europe at biogas plants and are providing guaranteed increase of biogas yield.
You can find more information about enzymes in "Download materials" web site section.


330 kW biogas plant completed

Construction of 330kW biogas plant in Kiev region, Ukraine is completed. Installed power of the plant 330 kW. Produced electric energy will be sold to the grid at fixed “green tariff”


Biteco Biogas' project in Ukraine

Biteco Biogas will construct biogas plant at the dairy farm near Kiev.


Landfill gas in Thailand

Biteco Biogas commenced third project in Thailand.


Enzymes-new product of Biteco

Biteco Biogas offers a new product!


Commissioning of biogas plant in Thailand

Biteco commissioned biogas plant in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand


1MW biogas plant in Thailand

Two companies from Thailand signed contracts with Biteco for construction of biogas plants.