Biteco Biogas' project in Ukraine

Biogas plant is designed for a dairy farm that has 750 heads of milking cows. Biogas plant is going to process 55 tons of manure and some silage for energy production. Biogas plant expected to generate 330 kW*h of electric and 365kW*h of thermal energy. In the today’s reality of energy instability biogas plant is a very timely and profitable solution. Farmer can provide his farm with electricity and heat using his own resources and produce high quality biofertilizers. This project is going to be implemented with the support of Biteco Biogas financial partners.


330 kW biogas plant completed

Construction of 330kW biogas plant in Kiev region, Ukraine is completed. Installed power of the plant 330 kW. Produced electric energy will be sold to the grid at fixed “green tariff”


Biteco Biogas' project in Ukraine

Biteco Biogas will construct biogas plant at the dairy farm near Kiev.


Landfill gas in Thailand

Biteco Biogas commenced third project in Thailand.


Enzymes-new product of Biteco

Biteco Biogas offers a new product!


Commissioning of biogas plant in Thailand

Biteco commissioned biogas plant in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand


1MW biogas plant in Thailand

Two companies from Thailand signed contracts with Biteco for construction of biogas plants.